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Want to blitz your belly quickly? You’re in luck. We’ve enlisted Joe Wicks – aka the Body Coach – to put together this four-week, 15-minute, kit-free workout plan that burns fat fast.

THE BODY COACH SAYS “This high intensity interval training session will get your week off to a really great start! I know it can be hard to get going on a Monday, after the weekend and with a long week ahead, but I promise you that if you smash this workout you’ll feel amazing and have more energy to tackle whatever the week ahead may 1 hold. Go for it!"

No excuses - this workout plan does not require any equipment, it can be done anywhere at any time - whether that's on your living room floor, in your lunch break at work, in the park, in a hotel room - it doesn't matter! 

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Results may vary. Consult your doctor before beginning any weight-management programmes.